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The Hudson Brothers and General Tire: Swim Wild

At General Tire, we embody the need to live life to the full.

Life can be inspiring, but it's no easy journey. Overcoming the mundane to scale the heights of greatness will never be simple, but facing this transcendence and finding glory is the ultimate reward.

To ensure that Anywhere is Possible, we're inspired to help others achieve the dreams and ambitions that drive them, like the Hudson brothers.

Adulthood is a challenge. Financial demands and work pressure can bring about social anxiety that causes a disconnect with where some feel most comfortable – nature. “The childish joy of being outdoors”, as Calum Hudson puts it, is exactly what was missing from the Hudson’s brothers’ lives. Urban living had taken its toll and something needed to change; this saw the birth of the Wild Swimming Brothers, and the drive to live life to full.

Anywhere Is Possible. General Tire are Making it Possible. Live Life to the Full.

Swim Wild

Swim Wild  - Little brother Jack

Little brother Jack (26) - the youngest of the Hudson brothers - is the author of Swim Wild. Writer, animal-lover and lumbering Merman. During his teens he worked as a Lifeguard and earned his scuba chops diving in The Philippines and Indonesia. He still feels very at home in the water and can often be found floating along on the surface, when he really should be swimming.

Swim Wild - Middle brother Calum

Middle brother Calum (28) holds that irksome middle spot. He's the one who first poked the other two out of their cosy Hobbit holes and dreamed-up the River Eden swim. Through the week he works as a Sales Manager at Eventbrite. By the time the weekend rolls around he's usually off outdoors somewhere, getting stuck into extreme triathlons, from Celt Man to The Double Brutal. Nature was his first love, ever since he tumbled into a thick encyclopaedia and made a sport of memorising species and different sites of natural beauty around the world.

Swim Wild - Big brother Robbie

Big brother Robbie (30) is the eldest of the trio. He was the proverbial canary in the cage, sent down to test the gloomy mines of adulthood before the other two. Now he works as an artist in Berlin, as well as being Editor-in-chief of BOXROX. Some of his swim-inspired VARC paintings were also recently shown during a solo exhibition at the Kendal Arts Centre.

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