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Accidental Warranty

Using the most advanced manufacturing technologies available ensures that the General Tire product is of the highest standard. Every General Tire tyre undergoes the most stringent testing to ensure the highest standards of quality are achieved.

Once the tyre purchase has been made and the box has been stamped by your participating General Tire dealer, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your General Tire tyres are damaged beyond repair, then the defective tyre will be replaced and you will only be charged for the proportion of the tread that you have already used. (See Terms & Conditions).

How do I make a claim?

Should you wish to make a claim, you may do so at any participating General Tire Dealer. Your General Tire Dealer will need to ensure both your warranty and the nature of your claim is valid. Provided that you produce your original sales invoice and stamped warranty leaflet. Then your General Tire dealer will be able to calculate your entitled percentage allowance.

How is my percentage allowance calculated?

Your General Tire Dealer will measure the remaining legal tread on your tyre. Although tyres are road-legal to 1.6 mm, we always recommend replacement at 3 mm in order to maintain optimum performance and safety, therefore the first 3.0 mm of tread is not counted. The tread will be measured in the centre and on the edges of the tyre to ensure an accurate and consistent reading. If any measurements on the tyre are below 3.0 mm, no credit will be given. The decision of the individual participating General Tire Dealer is final. By looking at the table below you can see how the amount of remaining legal tread is converted to a percentage claim allowance. This allowance is then redeemed as a percentage discount against the current selling price of your new replacement General Tire tyre. The terms of this warranty require that the replacement tyre fitted is the same size as the original and is a General Tire. Your old warranty leaflet along with the damaged tyre will be retained by the dealer and a new warranty leaflet will be issued to cover the new tyre.

What if I want to change to another brand of tyre?

You cannot make a claim under this warranty if you wish to switch to another tyre brand. However, if your General Tire Dealer believes that your tyre may have failed due to a manufacturing fault rather than due to accidental damage, they will be more than happy to send it back to the manufacturer through the official tyre industry adjudication process. Only after the adjudication process has been completed and a manufacturing fault found, will a percentage allowance be made based on the remaining legal tread on the tyre. You can then use this allowance to affect a discount against any replacement tyre brand you choose to purchase. The manufacturer’s decision will be final.

Discount Calculation Table

  • 7.5 mm =100%
  • 7.0 mm = 90%
  • 6.5 mm = 80%
  • 6.0 mm = 70%
  • 5.5 mm = 60%
  • 5.0 mm = 50%
  • 4.5 mm = 40%
  • 4.0 mm = 30%
  • 3.5 mm = 20%
  • 3.0 mm = 10%

This table relates to the remaining useable tread depth 4x4/SUV.

Additional Terms & Conditions

This warranty offer is at the discretion of the participating General Tire centre and does not form part of any manufacturer offer from General Tire. Please note that not all General Tire centres may participate in this warranty. This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights and only applies to the original purchasing customer, upon presentation of the original invoice as proof of purchase.

1. At the time of a warranty claim, the tyre must still be legal and have a minimum of 3.0 mm tread across the full width of the tyre. If a punctured tyre can be safely repaired the guarantee cannot be invoked. This guarantee does not apply to tyres that have been maliciously damaged.

2. The tyre must have been balanced and had a new valve fitted at the time of purchase.

3. This warranty does not cover excessive or uneven wear caused by mechanical defects. We strongly advise that the wheel alignment is checked at the time of purchase and regularly thereafter, as this is the primary cause of excessive or uneven tyre wear. The participating General Tire Dealer’s decision is final.

4. This warranty only applies to the General Tire Car and Van range of products. This warranty does not apply to the General Tire 4x4 range of products.

5. A list of participating dealers may be obtained by writing to Southam-Micheldever Tyres at Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd, Micheldever Group, Mill Place, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 3BZ, or email 

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