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Live Life to the Full

It’s fair to say we’re all drawn to extraordinary people. They possess an energy and passion that many of us aspire to. Greatness in any field – but especially extreme sports – is desirable, and attractive – something that many dream of but rarely achieve.

We know all too well that living Life to the Full requires the extraordinary, no matter what you want to achieve, or where you want to go.

At General Tire, we embody the characteristics that ensure that Anywhere Is Possible. We’re continuously pushing the boundaries and setting demands of ourselves in the quest to achieve ultimate performance.

The Hudson Brothers, Andrew Cotton, Hamish Frost and the British Basketball League really do live life to the full. We are proud to have documented their incredible stories.

British Basketball League

General Tire partnered up with the British Basketball League to create a basketball court on top of the O2, proving that anywhere is possible.

Watch the #NowYouKnow Dunk Challenge Video

The Moment

Hamish Frost inspired the belief that anywhere is possible. General Tire discovers what drives his passion forward.

Watch the latest 'The Moment' Video

Swim Wild

Overcome the mundane. Stick together, forever. Off-road and on. General Tire share the journey with the Wild Swimming Brothers.

Watch the latest 'Swim Wild' Video

Making Waves Together

The rough with the smooth. The highs and the lows. Off-road and on. Surfer Andrew Cotton undertakes his miraculous journey with General Tire.

Watch the latest 'Making Waves Together' Video

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