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General Tire Announces Voluntary Exchange Programme for 612 Passenger Vehicle Tyres in the UK

Press Release

General Tire Grabber AT3 30° print (png), General Tire Grabber AT3 30° Druck (png), , General Tire Grabber AT3 30° Druck (png), General Tire Grabber AT3 30° print (png)
  • A maximum of 612 tyres are affected
  • No accidents have been reported, however sudden air loss may occur in these tyres
  • Voluntary programme involves General Tire brand tyres in two different sizes
  • Affected tyres will be replaced at no charge

General Tire has announced a voluntary exchange programme involving a maximum of 612 passenger vehicle tyres that were produced at the company’s Mt. Vernon, Illinois plant and sold in the UK replacement tyres market. The impacted tyres may experience sudden air loss or belt edge separation which could lead to partial or full tread loss. General Tire has not received any reports of accidents or injuries resulting from this condition.

General Tire has already notified the local authorities of the details of the voluntary exchange programme. The company is in contact with Micheldever Tyre Services, the exclusive distributor for the General Tire brand in the UK, to support notification of customers who purchased these tyres or vehicles equipped with these tyres. As far as possible, customers will be promptly notified directly and informed about the details of this voluntary exchange programme.

Consumers seeking more information, including instructions for identifying affected tyres as well as obtaining replacement tyres are asked to visit the General Tire website []. The tyres can be identified by brand, size and Department of Transportation (DOT) date of manufacture code, which are also outlined below. The last four digits of the DOT code indicate the production period (week/year). Affected tyres will be replaced free of charge.

The affected General Tire tyres can be identified as follows:             


Article description                  

 DOT Code    


General GRABBER AT3 LT235/85 R16 120/116 S


A3 0RHMRA 0819

416 165
General GRABBER AT3 LT235/85 R16 120/116 SA3 0RHMRA 1318416 165
General GRABBER X3 LT265/70 R17 121/118 QA3 AHHMMM 1518414 719

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