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The British Basketball League and General Tire: The #NowYouKnow O2 Dunk Challenge

British Basketball at an all-time high! To celebrate this year’s British Basketball League’s playoff final at The O2, we partnered up with the British Basketball League to create a never-before-seen basketball court, positioned on the roof of The O2 Arena in London. 

We know all too well that living life to the full requires the extraordinary, no matter what you want to achieve or where you want to go. We proved with the British Basketball League that Anywhere Is Possible with the #NowYouKnow Dunk Challenge. Watch below as we got Leicester Riders star and highflyer Blake Bowman “The Showman” to climb 52 metres onto the iconic roof of The O2, where he recreated a series of epic slam dunks from this year’s regular basketball season.

After eight magnificent dunk recreations, it was Blake Bowman’s very own windmill slam that came out on top, crowning him champion of the British Basketball League’s #NowYouKnow Dunk Challenge, brought to you by General Tire.

Here at General Tire, we embody the characteristics that ensure Anywhere Is Possible. As shown above, we’re continuously pushing the boundaries and setting demands of ourselves in the quest to achieve ultimate performance.

Take a look below at some more highlights of our collaboration with the British Basketball League.

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