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Technical Details

Experience exceptional grip.

Innovative pattern design achieves exceptional off-road grip through gripping edges that interlock with loose surfaces. The open tread shoulder ensures efficient self-cleaning action for added traction in mud.

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Go off-road with confidence.

Tread with robust compound and reinforced blocks ensures a long tyre life even in rugged terrain. Moreover, it delivers confident stability under all approved load conditions with ultra high-strength steel belts.

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Enjoy maximum comfort.

Uniform block geometry for an even material distribution and optimised tread block orientation for a smooth interaction with the surface: both features allow a considerably comfortable and pleasant on-road drive in an all-terrain tyre line. 

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Sidewall features

  • Large sidewall lugs on the upper sidewall protect the tyre body from stones, rocks and debris.

  • A series of stacked deflection ribs protect the upper sidewall area against penetration by deflecting obstacles away from the tyre body.

  • Rim protection rib shields the tyre and wheel bead area from damage caused by curbstones and off-road obstacles.


Factsheet GRABBER AT³

Factsheet GRABBER AT³

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