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General Tire Expands its Range of Winter and All-season Tyres

West Drayton, UK, November 2020

UHP offensive offers even more options in all segments

General Tire has further expanded its range of winter and all-season tyres for cars, SUVs and vans in the European market. In many cases the new sizes also come with higher speed approvals. All the winter and all-season products feature the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall and meet the more rigorous legislation that now applies in countries such as Germany, where drivers must fit winter tyres in wintry weather.

Altimax A/S 365 all-season car tyre now approved for up to 186 mph

The Altimax A/S 365 with its directional design, provides reliable mobility for compact to upper mid-range cars 365 days a year. With its solid shoulder blocks arranged longitudinally, lateral grooves and numerous sipes in the middle of the tread pattern, this tyre offers many gripping edges for optimum grip and braking performance on both summer and wintry road surfaces, as well as providing good protection against aquaplaning. The Altimax A/S 365 is now produced in 30 sizes for 14- to 18-inch rims with aspect ratios between 70 and 40 percent. Available in widths from 155 to 225 millimetres, it is now approved for speeds of up to 186 mph.

Grabber A/S 365 all-season SUV tyre now approved for up to 168 mph

This SUV all-season tyre from General Tire combines SUV-specific toughness with reliable performance in all weather conditions. Optimised primarily for on-road use, the tread pattern features solid longitudinal shoulder blocks and delivers high levels of grip under acceleration as well as short braking distances. Extra-wide grooves reliably evacuate slush and water from the contact patch, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning and making for greater safety on wet roads in both summer and winter. The optimized sipe technology in the centre of the tread pattern provides excellent traction in slippery conditions as well as short braking distances on snow-covered and icy roads. The Grabber A/S 365 is produced in nine sizes for 17- to 19-inch rims with aspect ratios between 65 and 50 percent. It is available in widths from 215 to 255 millimetres and approved for speeds of up to 168 mph.

Grabber AT3 – all-season, all-terrain tyre in six new sizes

In this proven all-terrain tyre, General Tire has a product which can deal with anything that today’s SUVs, pick-up trucks or off-road vehicles will ask of a tyre. This modern all-season product offers a combination of exceptional off-road capabilities and confident on-road manners in all weathers. For off-road use, the Grabber AT3’s innovative tread pattern, with its numerous gripping edges, interlocks effectively with loose surfaces to provide top-class transmission of traction and braking forces. The open shoulder design ensures efficient self-cleaning and delivers extra grip in mud. Aggressive shoulder blocks that reach into the sidewall of the tyre combine with stacked deflection ribs to prevent the sidewall being damaged by stones, rocks and other debris. The Grabber AT3 is produced in 73 sizes – from 15 to 22 inches – with aspect ratios between 85 and 40 percent. Available in widths from 195 to 315 millimetres, this tyre is approved for speeds of up to 149 mph. 

Eurovan A/S 365 – the van tyre for all seasons

This all-season van tyre from General Tire combines high performance on wet roads and very good braking on snow with excellent dynamic stability in all weather conditions. Special product features include many gripping edges for optimal interlocking with snow, zigzag sipes for a secure grip on wet surfaces and wide tread grooves for rapid water evacuation. Added to this is a high percentage of blocks in the tread for perfect steering precision and safe cornering. This all-season tyre is produced in 15 sizes for 15- and 16-inch rims with aspect ratios from 75 to 60 percent and in widths between 195 and 235 millimetres. Depending on size, the Eurovan A/S 365 is approved for speeds of up to 130 mph.

Altimax Winter 3 – new 19-inch version of this car winter tyre now available

With its directional design and enhanced silica technology, the Altimax Winter 3 provides safe and reliable winter mobility for compact to upper mid-range cars. The successor to the Altimax Winter Plus delivers enhanced performance in all the key metrics. With an increase in the sipe density, multi-angled block edges and broad shoulder blocks, the Altimax Winter 3 offers a higher number of gripping edges in all directions of travel as well as greater block stiffness. This delivers added traction, excellent handling on snow and improved handling properties on dry roads, not to mention better transmission of braking and acceleration forces. The Altimax Winter 3 is produced in 44 sizes for 13- to 19-inch rims with aspect ratios between 80 and 40 percent. It is available in tyre widths from 155 to 245 millimetres and approved for speeds of up to 149 mph.

Snow Grabber Plus – four new sizes of this comfortable SUV and 4x4 winter tyre

This new non-studdable winter tyre, specially developed for SUVs and 4x4 vehicles, combines General Tire’s typical durability with the ride quality of a passenger car tyre and maximum mileage. The successor to the proven studless Snow Grabber features optimized block stiffness and a computer-optimized symmetrical pattern design. Special product characteristics include innovative snow ribs in the tread base which combine with jagged blocks and an open shoulder design to ensure impressive traction on snow-covered loose surfaces and roads. This is complemented by shorter braking distances on snow and improved steering response under extreme cornering on both dry and wintry road surfaces. An ultra-high-strength steel belt delivers dependable stability and helps prevent damage to the tread blocks. The Snow Grabber Plus is now produced in 36 sizes for 15- to 20-inch rims with aspect ratios between 75 and 40 percent and is available in widths from 205 to 275 millimetres which are approved for speeds of up to 149 mph.

Eurovan Winter 2 – the winter specialist for vans and light commercial vehicles

With its large number of sipes and many different gripping edges in the blocks, the Eurovan Winter 2 generates a sort of “ice scraper effect”. A combination of snow pockets and the optimised uptake of snow in the tread facilitates even better snow-to-snow interlocking. Broad drainage channels ensure fast and efficient water evacuation from the contact patch. As a result, this winter specialist from General Tire for light commercial vehicles and vans offers superior traction and top-class handling characteristics, as well as better braking on snow and wet road surfaces. Other positives include its resistance to aquaplaning and good handling characteristics on slush. The compact shoulder blocks and two central, continuous tread ribs deliver safe grip when cornering and excellent directional stability. The Eurovan Winter 2 is available in 14 sizes for 14- to 16-inch rims and in widths from 185 to 235 millimetres. Depending on size, these tyres are approved for speeds of up to 106 mph.

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