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Difficult Road Conditions Don’t Exist.

Thanks to the optimised stability of the Grabber GT Plus, this tyre is equipped with the robustness an SUV tyre needs. Its enhanced durability keeps you confident even at high speeds. Due to the shielded areas at the tyre’s edge, curbstones and off-road obstacles are blocked effectively. This exceptional robustness makes every ride an enjoyable experience.

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Bad Weather Situations Don’t Exist.

The new generation of the innovative compound provides excellent traction on slippery roads. Equipped with optimised siping and notched tread ribs, this tyre ensures an outstanding grip on wet surfaces and a reliable performance even under bad weather conditions.

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Unreachable Distances Don’t Exist.

The new wear-optimised pattern of the tyre leads to even pressure distribution in the contact area with the road so the tyre provides a longer lasting performance, mile after mile. The Grabber GT Plus will take you to any destination, no matter how challenging and adventurous the road may be.

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VAI - Visual Alignment Indicator signals incorrect alignment

  • If the tread wears unevenly over the first 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) the Visual Alignment Indicator technology (VAI) signals this to the user. This significantly extends the service life of the tyre.

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RTM - Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety

  • RTM technology tells the driver in good time when a tyre change is due, which increases safety.

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Grabber GT Plus Factsheet

Grabber GT Plus Factsheet

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