General Tire: A Van Tyre for Every Season

General Tire, the tradition-rich tyre brand with its American heritage, continues its product offensive with a range of summer, winter and all-season van tyres. The Eurovan 2, Eurovan A/S 365 and Eurovan Winter 2 provide a tyre for every weather condition.

2_Pic Eurovan2

Eurovan 2

The Eurovan 2 is a robust performer for vans and transporters. Durability and robustness are key for van drivers and the Eurovan 2 provides this with an extra veneer of rubber on the sidewall. This ensures that any kerb contact encountered by vans does not harm the tyre. In wet-weather driving, its wide three circumferential drainage grooves take up large amounts of water and direct it away from the contact patch through broad grooves in the outer tread blocks. The opposing grooves between the outer tread blocks are staggered, keeping tyre and road noise low and increasing driving comfort. Precise directional stability and short braking distances are assured by the wide, sturdy rows of tread blocks in the centre of the tyre that make for effective transmission of circumferential and lateral forces to the road.

The Eurovan 2 is available in 23 different sizes for 14 to 16-inch rims.

3_Pic Eurovan AS365

Eurovan A/S 365

The Eurovan A/S 365  offers light commercial vehicles and vans excellent performance in all weathers, for all year-round safety. The Eurovan A/S 365 provides safe handling properties on wet and dry road, as well as good dynamic stability on wintry roads. To deliver this performance it relies on a tread pattern with zigzag sipes for secure interlocking with wet road surfaces and wide tread grooves that disperse water fast. The numerous edges interlock effectively with snow, while special “pockets” retain the snow to deliver snow/snow friction. When driving on dry roads, wide ribs in the center of the tread make for high stability, while special handling ribs provide effective tread support on cornering.

The Eurovan A/S 365 is available in 15 sizes, for rims between 15 and 16 inches. The Eurovan A/S 365 bears the M+S mark and the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol to signify safe handling on snow-covered surfaces.

4_Pic EurovanWinter2

Eurovan Winter 2

The Eurovan Winter 2 provides safe passage even in extreme weather conditions. The Eurovan Winter 2 is equipped with a tread design that creates an ‘ice-scraper’ effect. This allows for exceptional traction and handling on snow due to the large number of sipes and edges. Additional snow pockets in the tread significantly improve the grip as a result of the increased snow on snow traction. Wide drainage channels ensure rapid water dispersal,  providing better protection against aquaplaning and increasing braking performance on wet roads. An improved pattern design allows for safe and precise cornering.

The Eurovan Winter 2 is available in 14 sizes for rims between 14 and 16 inches. The Eurovan Winter 2 bears the M+S mark and the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol to signify safe handling on snow-covered surfaces.

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