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Technical Details

Difficult Road Conditions Don’t Exist.

Reinforced tread and shoulder blocks, together with high-tensile steel belts that are reinforced with two nylon cap plies, provide exceptional SUV robustness. 

Bad Weather Situations Don’t Exist.

The new wear-optimised pattern of the tyre leads to even pressure distribution in the contact area with the road in order to provide a longer lasting performance.

VAI - Visual Alignment Indicator signals incorrect alignment

VAI - Visual Alignment Indicator signals uneven wear. Over the first 1,000 kilometres, the Visual Alignment Indicator technology (VAI) indicates if the tread is not wearing evenly due to incorrect alignment. This significantly increases the service life of the tyre.

RTM - Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety

RTM - Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety. RTM technology tells the driver in good time when a tyre change is due, which increases safety.


Grabber GT Plus Factsheet

Grabber GT Plus Factsheet

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