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Experience exceptional grip.

Traction ribs and multi-angled sipes achieve exceptional loose surface traction through gripping edges that interlock with the off-road surface. An open tread shoulder ensures efficient self-cleaning action for added traction in mud.

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Go off-road with confidence.

A robust compound gives excellent cut and chip resistance. Reinforced tread blocks reduce block deformation. Both improve the tread life in rugged terrain and provide stability under all approved load conditions. Ultra high-strength steel belts ensure an even tread footprint for confident stability.

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Enjoy maximum comfort.

The uniform block geometry with low stiffness variation leads to an even distribution of load. The optimized tread block orientation allows a smooth interaction with the surface. This results in a surprisingly comfortable and pleasant on-road drive for an all-terrain tyre.

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Factsheet GRABBER AT³

Factsheet GRABBER AT³

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