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Technical Details

 Shorter braking distance

A tailored compound with lateral sipes in the tread blocks, allows good water displacement and provides excellent grip in wet conditions. 

 Very good steering response on wet roads and low risk of Aquaplaning.

The rigid outer tread blocks and the inner shoulder blocks, are connected by tie-bars, providing good vehicle good stability. This means the steering performance always remains precise, even in wet conditions.

 Low fuel consumption and high mileage

The new compound with the optimised rigidity of the rubber blocks minimises rolling resistance and heat generation. This keeps fuel consumption low and increases mileage.

VAI - Visual Alignment Indicator signals incorrect alignment

VAI - Visual Alignment Indicator signals uneven wear. Over the first 1,000 kilometres, the Visual Alignment Indicator technology (VAI) indicates if the tread is not wearing evenly due to incorrect alignment. This significantly increases the service life of the tyre.

RTM - Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety

RTM - Replacement Tire Monitor for greater safety. RTM technology tells the driver in good time when a tyre change is due, which increases safety.