The studded 4x4 Specialist


Designed for highest safety in coldest winter conditions.

  • Safety when braking on ice
  • Improved braking performance
  • Pleasantly smooth ride
Ice Braking

Safety when braking on ice

  • A special stud design ensures improved traction, ideal cornering and excellent braking , even on icy roads.

  • The tyre remains stable in winter weather and keeps the vehicle safely on track when braking and on ice.

Snow braking

Improved braking performance on snow

  • The tread pattern features numerous block edges, sipes extending into the middle and a high number of gripping edges.

  • The specially shaped sipes enable the tread to pick up large amounts of snow.

  • This results in good lateral adhesion and has a positive impact on braking performance on snow.


Pleasantly smooth ride

  • The computer-optimised, wedgeshaped distribution of tread grooves meets the requirements of “Finnish Legislation”, as it eliminates frequency peaks and ensures a pleasantly low noise level.

Product Range

Tyre Size LI / Speed Symbol XL FR Remark
205/70 R 15 100T XL FR 00/0
Tyre Size LI / Speed Symbol XL FR Remark
215/65 R 16 102T XL FR 00/0
215/70 R 16 104T XL FR 00/0
225/70 R 16 107T XL FR 00/0
Tyre Size LI / Speed Symbol XL FR Remark
215/60 R 17 100T XL FR 00/0
225/60 R 17 103T XL FR 00/0
225/65 R 17 106T XL FR 00/0
235/65 R 17 108T XL FR 00/0
265/65 R 17 116T XL FR 00/0
Since 1915.
General Tire. A brand of Continental.